At Epik Adventure Guides, we are adventurers at heart.  For years we have travelled Ecuador’s mountains, jungles, rivers and sea, looking to satisfy our immense craving to know what is beyond what our eye reaches, always in direct contact with nature.  The desire to share the feeling we get out of what we do out of passion, is what motivated us to create Epik and to show the world our experiences and knowledge about what this little but immeasurable country, Ecuador, has to offer.


At Epik, we offer life experiences through deep connections with nature, local culture and our own personal trajectory, to help our travellers reach their highest personal potential while venturing the outdoors.  Our design proposal for custom made trips carry an added value for adventure, healthy local food, and wellness of mind, body, heart and soul.


Epik is proud to have exceptional and highly qualified adventure tour guides, who are profoundly passionate about what they do, and who have a deep sense of humanity and respect for fellow human beings, as well as for nature.


Let us build together an experience you will cherish for a lifetime!



Karina comes from a family of adventurers and horse lovers.  She carries the love for the outdoors in her blood. Since she was a little girl, her father used to organize adventure trips to every corner of Ecuador. This motivated her to develop an interest to take care of nature and to obtain a degree in Ecology from the University of San Francisco of Quito.

Her love for horses helped her develop into a high-performance athlete, participating in Endurance competitions, two world championships and to be the current trainer of the Youth Endurance Team of Ecuador.

Karina loves adventure sports, and when she is not trail running, mountain biking or adventure racing, she is in charge of managing Epik.


Mateo grew up in Quito, surrounded by mountains; which is why he always loved spend his time in the great outdoors. Mateo graduated from the Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in Honduras obtaining a degree in Environmental Engineering.

From then on, he has been involved in adventure tours for more then ten years as a guide and has developed various projects as a tourism entrepreneur.  His love for the outdoors has motivated him to become a multisport person, obtaining various certifications such as: Dive Master, Swift Water Rescue, Wilderness Advance First Aid and various mountaineering courses as well.

Mateo is very active in adventure sports, participating in various adventure and mountain bike races. Nowadays, he is more focused in exploring new routes for mountain biking and trekking.  Mateo is our key person in Epik’s daily operations, and is in charge of handling sales and organizing the careful and thorough logistics required for the trips we offer.


Christian is a Costa Rica native and is an authentic explorer of nature and lover of botany.  When he is not surfing in Costa Rica, we can find him exploring the fjords in Norway.

His passion for travel and his sporting skills make him in a one of a kind person with a unique spirit for adventure.  Christian has had the opportunity to pedal his way through the “Ruta de los Conquistadores”, which is considered to be the toughest mountain bike race in Latin America by tracing more than 100kms with the famous Tarahumara.

In the year 2013 he participated in the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS). Christian is a globetrotter, and when he is not found to be kayaking, surfing or mountain biking, he is in charge of Public Relations at Epik.