In this Shamanic Journey, we will travel to northern Ecuador, to the famous indigenous town of Otavalo, were we will be involved in the ancestral ceremonies and customs of their ancient culture.  We will stay in traditional indigenous lodges, in a comfortable setting; which will enable us to connect at social and spiritual levels.


Transfer from the airport to Inraki

After breakfast we are going to head of Ecuador, to the famous market town of Otavalo.  The following days we will immerse ourselves in its population’s culture and customs.

Welcome and purpose ceremony: purpose circle, tobacco and sacred pipe ceremony.

The tobacco plant is considered to be a sacred plant and has been used in an ancestral way.  The plant helps us communicate with the spirits and lets us connect our words with our hearts.  This is why this is the first medicine that shall be taken: it will help us clarify and present our purpose and elevate it with its smoke.

General indications: presentation of activities, Q & A round and presentation of the team. D/A/C

Transfer to Guanansí, place dedicated to sacred ceremonies (located 5 minutes away by bus, from the Hostal AYA HUMA)

 Preparation of sacred fire to heat up the “grandmother stones” (volcanic rocks) for the temazcal.The temazcal ceremony works with the four elements.  You will have a first approach to the sacred approach and teachings will be imparted in order to understand these elements.

 Talk about plants of power (ayahuasca, San Pedro, Floripondio, Peyote, mushrooms and tobacco). The grandmother stones remain in the fire for about two hours, this time will be used to make a circle around the fire and the stones and talk about the plants of power and healing through them.

Temazcal Ceremony (Sweat lodge, ancestral ceremony symbolizing a return to the mother’s womb).

 The Temazcal is a form of mental, spiritual and physical healing, which is part of ancestral knowledge of different tribes around the world.  This ceremony connects us with our primal energy that gives and maintains life (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water).

 Pambamesa (Lunch in nature, which will be held in Guanansí)

 The Pambamesa is an Andean custom, which generally takes place: when the community works together for a purpose, when there are social meetings and general encounters. A Pambamesa is held at the end of this meetings in which every family shares something with the community and were people sit down for a meal together, always thanking the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Taita Inti (Father Sun) and a toast is made with chicha to the four directions (called ayllus in kichwa) to share the bountifulness with the Earth.

 Nocturnal Walk In silence we will head to the Peguche Waterfall (near the Hostal AYA HUMA).

 The Peguche Waterfall is a sacred place, where walks are held and bathing in its waters also takes place; because of the concentration of high energy levels. The walk that will take in silence motivates the participants to have a moment of introspection, and at the same time to establish a more conscious relationship with nature.


Walk to the Taxopamba waterfall, where a cleanse (limpia) will be held by the indigenous leaders (“mamas” and “taitas”).

  The waterfalls are powerful places of energetic concentration, where we can relate to the medicine in the water and its purifying power; this is why the limpias will be held there.

 Healing circle – using vibration (through singing and Andean instruments).  For healing, it is important to discover, take advantage and find our inner voice, our own vibration that makes us unique, this is why we will perform several simple exercises (language does not matter) that will help us with this process.  In the circle, we will also work with Andean instruments that will allow a better flow of emotions within our body and liberate what does not let us move on.

 San Pedro Ceremony (plant of power) and temazcal in Guanansí. During all night and in the morning we shall enter the “mother’s womb” for a temazal ceremony and we will emerge in sunrise.


Breakfast in Guanansí. Sharing food as medicine, thanking the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

 Pachamanka at noon.

 The Pachamanka comes from the times of the Incas.  In kichwa, pacha means earth and manka means pot.  The Pachamanka is usually performed in Solstices and Equinoxes in the agricultural calendar.  It is performed during weddings, welcomings, farewells, thanking the Father Son and Mother Earth.   In this pot, hot volcanic rocks are placed in “Mother Earth’s womb” on which we deposit food wrapped in “achira” leaves, all of this covered by a cloth and dirt.  This mound is decorated with flowers, transforming itself into a beautiful Andean altar, in which all the people who are present, offer a flower, give thanks and ask for their purposes in life.

 Reflection circle about the San Pedro ceremony.

 In the afternoon, transfer back to Inraki Lodge. D/A/C

Transfer out. Return flight.


  • All transportation from rendezvous to drop-off
  • Complete lodging mentioned
  • Complete meals mentioned in the itinerary (B/L/D)
  • Profesional mountain guides
  • All gratuities for baggage,  and hotel service
  • Harness and helmets
  • Entries fees


  • International air flight tickets
  • Alcoholic brevages
  • Travel insurance
  • Climbing boots, crampons and ice axes
  • Mountain clothes
  • Tips


Duration: 6 days/ 5nights

Effort:  Easy

Activities: Inmerse en local culture

Lodging: Inraki Lodge, Hostal Aya Huma


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A regular day in this itinerary starts early with a delicious breakfast, mountain hiking and a relaxing Yoga session with one of our certified Yoga Teachers.