This small country in the middle of the Andes mountain range has everything from tropical jungles to perpetual volcanoes, which makes Ecuador a trekker’s paradise. The diversity of scenery that this South American gem has, is a must in your bucket list of trekking destinations.

On a “normal” trekking day, we start by heading out of our tents, we light up the fire to make freshly brewed coffee, looking at the golden moor which has held us in its arms while we sleep. Hummingbirds welcome us to a new day, while looking for honey in the passion fruits nearby. Our walks usually traverse the mountains through ancestral trails that have been walked on since before Ecuador was colonized by the Spaniards. These trails were used to generate an exchange of different products between different altitudes and climates of our regions. Nowadays these trails are used mainly by local people to take their animals from one place to another and by intrepid trekkers who look for outrageous and isolated places that have not seen any heavy traffic. It is common, while walking around these places, to find Andean cowboys or a spectacled bear looking for bromeliads to eat. To walk through indigenous communities is one of the highlights of trekking in Ecuador. The kindness of people who live in the mountains is a noteworthy characteristic in rural areas of the country. We may walk through lands (chakras) owned by indigenous people, who can potentially offer you some of their home grown corn or a warm herbal infusion to gain some energy to continue on with the adventure. Behind the huge rolling hills, rocky peaks surge at approximately 13,000 feet where condors nest and dwell. Other birds
of prey like the eagles (referred to as: cara caras) are common to observe since they fly high in search of their food.

If you are a traveler who likes to go into the wild and to thoroughly enjoy nature and local culture, trekking in Ecuador is one of the best experiences you will ever have; the variety of our ecosystem allows an array of possibilities, surrounded by beautiful fauna, flora and Andean customs.

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