CHIMBORAZO. “One of the biggest things you’ll ever see”

Because of a new geodesic mission in which our very own volcano “Chimborazo” was newly measured; officially this colossal mountain has been named the highest mountain on Earth, dethroning the Everest.  The mission coming from France, announced this news, establishing that it is the furthest physical point measured from the center of the Earth (and closest to the sun), standing 20,564ft tall. The Chimborazo volcano has always been important in the history of the Andes.  The first time anybody reached the summit was in 1886 on an excursion performed by Jean Antoine Carrel (Italy), Louis Carrel (Italy) and Edward Whymper (United Kingdom).  


  1. Chimborazo is found on the National Emblem of Ecuador since 1900. This symbol represents the highest mountain in Ecuador and the place where the Guayas River is born. This river flows through the land on to the fertile grounds of the Coast; and in the shield, it represents the brotherhood that unites all Ecuadorians.
  2. The Puruhaes, one of the indigenous tribes of Ecuador, considers the Chimborazo a god and they call it “God of Ice” or “Sacred wind of the Moon”
  3. Twice a week, for more than a half a century, Baltazar Ushca has gone up the slopes of the Chimborazo to harvest ice from the natural glaciers. Baltazar is considered to be the last ice merchant of the volcano and various documentaries have been filmed about Baltazar Ushca.
  4. Indigenous legends: It is said that two Andean warriors, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, had long held a feud over the love of the beautiful Tungurahua. Chimborazo was the victorious winner and married the beautiful Tungurahua. From this marriage, the Guagua (“child” in kichwa) Pichincha, was born.
  5. The Chimborazo volcano is found within the Chimborazo Natural Reserve with more than 143,000 acres with mountain woods, moors and tropical forests.
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