Ecuador characterized for being a country with a unique georgraphy. From the glaciers of the andean volcanoes to the amazon jungle gives a unique landscape and terrain to develop adventure sports. The last 10 years has been a growing market, giving outdoor lovers to challenge themself in different races.


The oldest and more challenging adventure race in Ecuador. Huairasinchi that means the strenght of the wind is part of the Adventure Racing World Series and was a host in 2014 for the adventure racing world championship who participated over 50 teams around the globe. They raced aproximately 700 kms crossing the Andes, the amazon jungle and ending at the Pacific Coast while the racers has to mountain bike, trek, navigate, and paddle.

Each year HuairaSinchi takes place, where many local and international teams race in this amazing country.

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The race Nonstop is an adventure competition without compulsory stops that run in teams of 4 people. The competition takes place on a route that is kept secret until the day of start of the competition and the teams have 24 hours to reach the goal. The race includes terms of orientation, trekking, mountain biking, and ropes. Teams must complete a journey of 150 kilometers with a demanding slope where you can feel the essence of adventure racing experiencing nature of day and night without stopping.

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Mountain bike race in teams of 2 members who must complete the course together on paths and trails around the Cotopaxi Volcano in 2 stages with an overall camp in 5 different categories.

The spirit of the race is to create a space where cyclists share, work together and enjoy a demanding competition but at the same time enable them to know, enjoy, appreciate and learn to respect natural spaces and conditions in the mountains.

The race paths and trails around the volcano Cotopaxi in 2 stages generally ranging between 60 and 70km. All roads used by the race are existing roads so the impact of bicycles in the wilderness area is minimal.

The level of technical difficulty in the race is moderate but the need the put the kilometers, the height at which you pedal of between 3000 and 4200 meters above sea level and often the weather conditions that may become very cold with strong winds, rain, hail and even snow. For more informatio you can click here:













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